April 2019

DeltaARTS Board of Directors announces the retirement of Executive Director, Amelia Barton effective June 30, 2019. Amelia began as DeltaARTS’ Artistic Director in 2004 and was made Executive Director in 2011.

Her first significant accomplishment was to bring the Lincoln Center and Wolf Trap national arts education programs to DeltaARTS, which had a major impact on DeltaARTS being awarded the Arkansas Governor’s Award for Excellence in Arts Education in 2015.

Other implemented innovations include the Arts Focus School Program, Visual Arts Exhibits with ASU Mid-South including the partnership with Mid- South Health Systems, Lunch with the Arts, the  Marion VPA Magnet collaboration, and the commissioning of three murals for local business facades reflecting the culture and economics of our area. 

Board President Wayne Croom reflects on Ms. Barton’s tenure by stating that, “When I was asked to join the DeltaARTS Board I was somewhat apprehensive, but working alongside Amelia over the years gave me a greater appreciation for our local arts. Amelia has nurtured this organization into a professional arts facility with a very excellent support staff. Through her vision, dedication, planning, energy, diligence, and strong efforts, the foundation has been set for continued success! She will always be in the hearts of those who crossed her path, and we at DeltaARTS wish her all the success in her retirement.”

In addition to the program enhancements, Amelia’s tenure includes the successful half-million-dollar capital campaign which enabled DeltaARTS’ move from the Holiday Plaza Mall location to the Glenn P. Schoettle Arts Education Center and offer more artistic opportunities for our community.

“Dream jobs are hard to come by, and I am so happy that Janine Earney asked me to join the DeltaARTS staff in 2004,” expresses Amelia. “I am so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity over these years to work with my wonderful boards of directors and staff members, as well as the phenomenal supporters in Crittenden County. This area is extremely diversified and includes so many who would never have the opportunity to engage with the arts at this level were it not for DeltaARTS. This experience has been a meaningful and exciting challenge, and I am especially grateful for all of the new Crittenden County friends I have made. “

“Finding a replacement for Amelia is kind of like finding a replacement for Nick Sabin,” President Wayne Croom adds, “but with Amelia’s endorsement and the board’s unanimous approval, Alex Waddell Smith has been selected to be the new Executive Director. Alex has been involved in every aspect of DeltaARTS, beginning in her youth as a Crittenden Youth Theatre actor, then as an intern for many summers, followed by serving as Director of Marketing, and now Artistic Director. She has the leadership skills and creativity to build on the past and bring DeltaARTS to new amazing heights!”

Please mark your calendars for a festive retirement party for Amelia on June 27 from 5:00 to 7:00pm  at DeltaARTS. See you at the Schoettle!

December 2018

DeltaARTS and our community have accomplished an amazing feat! Together we have exceeded the Assisi Foundation half million-dollar challenge grant for the renovations in the Glenn P. Schoettle Arts Education Center gallery, theatre, and offices, and for the enhancement of DeltaARTS imaginative arts education programs for children, families, educators, and seniors. We now have a state- of- the- art performance space with a stage, curtains, LED lighting and upgraded sound systems. There is no way to describe what a difference this has made for our Crittenden Youth Theatre productions, Arts Openings, Sundays with the Arts, Lunch with the Arts, Young Authors Symposium, Educator Professional Development programs, and facility rentals.

This aesthetically amazing building, designed by architect, Pat Magruder, as a medical education building, is now the perfect building for the community to experience the arts. Thank you to all of our supporters.

In regard to program enhancements, this campaign has enabled us to expanded Wolf Trap Early Learning through the Arts to include four additional schools, increased the size and scope of our Lincoln Center Aesthetic Education Educator Workshop, add Sundays with the Arts and Lunch with the Arts, and supplement our Crittenden Youth Theatre budget. The arts enhance communities in so many ways, including culturally, educationally, and economically. DeltaARTS is now positioned to do this much more effusively and effectively. As pledges come in over the next four year, stay tuned for more program enhancements. See you at the Schoettle!