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Respect Program

Increasing Literacy and Social-Emotional Learning

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The Respect Program increases social-emotional learning and literacy skills in children and youth through teaching literature, creative writing, and providing visual arts projects. This program can be taken to schools, after-school programs, preschools, and other community organizations that serve children in grades Pre-K through sixth.

To achieve our program goals, we meet weekly, for at least seven weeks, with a group of children for 1 hour – 1.5 hours. Each week the stories, poetry, art projects, and creative writing exercises are related to the week’s social-emotional theme. There are seven themes:


  1. Reach for Your Dreams

  2. Express and Regulate Emotions

  3. Speak, Write, and Draw with Your Voice

  4. Play! 

  5. Expand Social Skills

  6. Cultivate Diversity

  7. Treat Others with Respect

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In addition, every child keeps the seven art projects they create in the class and gets a free book (from the list of books we read during our classes) at the end of the program to take home. We use a wide variety of art projects to engage children in learning and art techniques, including decorating a journal with stickers, sculpting with model magic clay, and painting a charm box. Children also get to take home handouts with poems by famous authors discussed in the class to expand children’s knowledge of American literature. We also provide creative writing prompts for children to take home to help them improve their writing skills.

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