Teaching Artist Definition
A Teaching Artist (TA) is an active artist who embodies and further develops the complementary skills, curiosities, and habits of mind of an educator, in order to achieve a wide variety of learning goals in, through, and about the arts, with a wide range of learners.

Teaching Artist Credo
Teaching Artists:
– Believe that all people have an innate birthright to an artistically full life, and that all people are innately creative and artistically capable.
– Know their work strengthens essential capacities for success in life, and also addresses important social problems, transforms individuals, and fortifies communities; they are committed to addressing educational inequities, social injustice, wasted human potential, and the scarcity of empathy and social imagination.
 – Inspire and guide learners to make personally relevant connections in, through, and about the arts; they prioritize personal voice, moments of choice, and the balance of attention between process and product.
 – Partner well with others, bringing artistic engagement and learning into all parts of life; seek a dynamic synergy between their art-making and their teaching artistry, with each one feeding and advancing the other. While grounded in their particular artistic discipline(s), TAs flexibly adapt and extend what they know, and tap artistic learning universals, to achieve their learning goals.
© 2014 Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. Teaching Artist Rubric developed by Lincoln Center Education, LincolnCenterEducation.org

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in becoming a DeltaARTS Teaching Artist (TA). DeltaARTS trains and works with Teaching Artists on bringing imaginative arts education to our schools and community. Through constant feedback and evaluation, we strive to cultivate our Teaching Artists’ professional growth and commitment to quality.