Young Authors’ Symposium 

February 12, 2019

Glenn P. Schoettle Arts Education Center

Local area Language Arts teachers select their top sixth grade writing-hungry students to attend this creative writer’s dream workshop. Each year DeltaARTS brings in a writing specialist who facilitates the day-long workshop in his or her field of poetry, mystery, fables, fiction, or fact. The facilitator shares a process, offers writing prompts to set the ball in motion and the young authors begin writing. The Language Arts teachers attend a separate workshop while aspiring teacher cadets from Marion high school assist the young authors. A grand finale, of sorts, transpires at the end of the workshop during which all involved share their creations. All of the stories are collected and compiled into an anthology which is then sent out to all of the young authors.

Looking for the 2019 Anthology? It is currently being typed! Email to receive the notification when it’s published!

2018 Young Authors’ Symposium Anthology