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Founded in 1971, DeltaARTS provides creative writing workshops, art exhibits, art camps, and theater experiences for children and youth in the Arkansas Delta and surrounding communities. We provide our programs at our Arts Education Center and Art Museum in West Memphis and at schools and afterschool programs throughout the region.
Our school programs are all arts-integrated, meaning that they include not only teaching an art form, but also using that art form to teach an academic skill. For example, building literacy skills through creative writing lessons and visual art projects that include new vocabulary words in a part of the drawing or painting.
At DeltaARTS, we know that all children need and deserve year-round access to the arts to help them develop new creative skills, gain confidence, succeed academically, and build the social-emotional tools they need to prosper in life.


Mission Statement

DeltaARTS provides imaginative arts education programs for the Arkansas Delta and surrounding communities.


Delta Arts Strategic Vision

DeltaARTS transforms the lives of children and youth through arts-integrated programs that help them succeed academically and experience the joy and confidence found in creative writing, visual art, music, and theater experiences.

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