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Amber Meserve

Director of Operations

All About Amber

Amber Meserve is an accomplished professional who wears many hats at DeltaARTS. As the Director of Operations and the Director of Crittenden Youth Theatre, Amber brings a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for the arts to her multifaceted roles.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Mississippi University for Women, Amber's academic foundation reflects her deep commitment to understanding and positively impacting individuals and communities. Her 14 years of experience in social services have equipped her with a unique perspective and a finely tuned ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

Amber's journey with DeltaARTS has been nothing short of inspiring. For the past decade, she has generously devoted her time and talents as a parent volunteer, specializing in costuming and props. Her artistic sensibilities and meticulous attention to detail have lent a distinct flair to countless productions, enriching the experiences of both performers and audiences.

Outside the realm of her professional pursuits, Amber's interests are as diverse as they are captivating. A dedicated reader, she finds solace in the pages of captivating books, exploring new worlds and perspectives with each turn. A theater enthusiast, Amber is a frequent patron of the arts, embracing the transformative power of live performances. Her love for travel and art further exemplifies her innate curiosity and thirst for inspiration.

Amber's dynamic leadership style and unwavering dedication have played an instrumental role in DeltaARTS' continued success. Her strategic vision and hands-on approach have led to streamlined operations, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes and every individual's potential is realized.

In her dual roles as Director of Operations and Director of Crittenden Youth Theatre, Amber Meserve's impact is far-reaching, influencing the very heart of DeltaARTS' mission. Her ability to seamlessly merge her professional expertise, artistic sensibilities, and unwavering commitment makes her a true force to be reckoned with.





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