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Art Camps/
Workshops/Field Trips

We offer workshops and classes designed to support artistic and arts-integrated academic development. These are held at different times of the year at our Arts Education Center and Art Gallery in West Memphis and at schools and out-of-school programs throughout the region. They include lessons on visual arts, creative writing, and performing arts as well as STEM topics with a visual art component. We offer field trips as well that include workshops and camp activities. If you are interested please contact us.

STEAM Workshops
(STEM skills plus art)

Image by NASA

NASA’s Journeys to the Moon

This workshop starts with DeltaARTS staff reading from age-appropriate books highlighting the accomplishments of STEM leaders like Katherine Johnson and Gene Krantz, who made the moon landings possible. Children then learn how to draw a picture of the Saturn V rocket and we teach them about how the rocket worked. We then update the children on NASA’s new Artemis program to send people back to the moon. We also give children one or more STEM books to take home. Our favorites to give out are 1) a NASA activity book called “Forward to the Moon with Artemis” and 2) “Apollo Missions for Kids” which includes more STEM experiments for children to do on their own.

Image by Tyler Butler

Wetlands’ Benefits for Animals and People

In this workshop, we highlight the diverse birds and other animals found in the wetlands of west Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi along the Mississippi River. We will also discuss the flood storage and water quality benefits of wetlands for people. Children will then learn how to draw a wood duck, a colorful bird that winters in this region, and we will talk about the importance of the Duck Stamp, which features duck art, and how its purchase by duck hunters helps conserve wetlands here and around the country. At the end of the class, children will get an age-appropriate STEM book about wetlands to keep. Our favorites include 1) North American Ducks, Geese and Swans Coloring Book, with information about different species and 2) Wetlands: A Children’s Book, Interesting and Informative Facts, with great pictures and details about wetlands ecosystems.

Art and Literary Classes

We offer summer camps and occasional weekend classes that help teach children visual art techniques, creative writing skills, acting and singing.


Check out website calendar and social media pages for updates on the latest classes and camps for children and youth of all ages.

Visual Art Classes and Camps


Our art classes take place in our art gallery where children can draw and sculpt while finding inspiration in pieces by regional artists. Our gallery space also has large windows that provide natural light, providing an ideal and relaxing place for children and youth to paint, draw, and sculpt.

Creative Writing and Poetry Workshops


We hold creative writing workshops and poetry workshops to help children and youth build creative writing and literacy skills through unleashing their creativity through the written word.


In these workshops we use work by novelists and poets to inspire children to write and to help demonstrate important literary devices and styles of writing. By exploring authors who lived in different time periods we also teach children about what world events and life experiences influenced their daily lives and writing.

Performing Arts Classes and Camps


Our acting and singing classes take place in our auditorium where many of our plays are produced annually. Children and youth can also learn about lighting, directing and stage managing as we take them through not only performance skill-building, but what all is required to bring a production to life.

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